tree climbers in a tree - tree climbing video

Goodleaf Tree Climbing Video

If you’re interested in coming along to Goodleaf but you’re not sure what to expect, we’ve got some great tree climbing video to share with you.

We’re not a high ropes course, we climb in just one tree. If you know high ropes and can’t quite imagine what we do, these videos are a really good way of discovering more about tree climbing.

They’re a little window onto our world – the world of just one tree! Our You Tube channel has more tree climbing video on it. Also, for those who love knots and rope, you should check out our tree climbing knots. In it  you’ll find some videos of useful knots for tree climbing.

Don’t forget, you can hire a Go Pro helmet from us if you’d like to make a film of your Goodleaf experience.

A birthday party in a tree

Here’s a film from June 2015. The birthday girl had been patiently waiting until she turned 8 so she could have a tree climbing birthday party! It was a fantastic sunny day and this film really shows off how we run a climb including teaching the acorn knot. We just love the smiley faces!

With many thanks to for making this for us.


Our first promo tree climbing video

This is a lovely snapshot of Goodleaf, including some comments from real climbers. If watching this video has clinched it for you, you can click here to book!


Tree Time lapse

In summer 2014 (our first summer in Appley Park) we had a bit of fun filming a tree time lapse film. It really shows off the beauty of our fantastic oak tree and the mellowness of what we do.

Film your climb!

Hire our Go Pro camera and make your own tree climbing video.