tree climbing film hire a Go Pro

Hire a Go Pro and make a tree climbing film

Here’s a Goodleaf tree climbing film we made earlier using our Go Pro helmet camera!

If you’d like to take some footage of your Goodleaf experience and create your own film, here’s how to do it.

  • We provide you with a Go Pro camera and a helmet fitted with a special Go Pro mount.
  • We teach you how to use the Go Pro  – away you go into the canopy taking footage as you go!
  • All your footage is saved on to an 8MB MicroSD memory card which you take away (along with an adapter) at the end of the climb.
  • You go home and create a tree climbing film masterpiece (see above!)

And if you’d like to send it in to us, we’ll share it on this page.

It costs £15 if you hire on the day at the tree (subject to availability).
If you book it online at the same time you book your tree climb, it’s just £13.50.