Woodland Adventures

What is a Goodleaf Woodland Adventure?

A Goodleaf Woodland Adventure is a chance to adventure more in the great outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It’s an opportunity to rediscover the simple pleasure of ‘just being’ in nature; a time to connect with the natural world and to give yourself and your family the space to be together. You’ll also get the chance to pick up a few outdoor skills along the way.

Family Woodland Adventures

Our woodland adventures are for all the family aged 8 and over. They’re run by Matt who brings with him years of leading outdoor expeditions and adventures. In the midst of a secluded English copse, you’ll be welcomed into the woods. You’ll be part of a small group of up to eight people.

You’ll discover how to make fire with natural materials (no matches required!), learn shelter building techniques and build a den. You’ll be free to let loose your creativity; forage for woodland materials and create your own keepsake of the session; a stick person, a woodland coat peg, or some nettle cord to use for a dream catcher or woodland jewellery.

family bushcraft adventures in woods

Woodland snacks

Tea and cake are an important part of any Goodleaf adventure. Once the campfire’s going, we’ll boil up the Kelly Kettle together and take some time for a drink and a snack. It goes without saying that we’ll have a tin of Goodleaf flapjacks with us and toasted marshmallows are always on the menu!

More Woodland Adventures?

When you leave, you’ll have new outdoor skills and knowledge for your own woodland adventures together. And we hope you’ll have a renewed sense of tranquillity and happy memories of time together, spent in nature.

a family enjoying bushcraft activities

The Low Down

Cost £25 per person age 8 and over for a three hour Woodland Adventure. There always needs to be at least one adult (18 and over) booked with children.

Woodland Adventures need a minimum of four people booked in for the adventure to go ahead. Please click the booking button to check availability.

The woods we use are near Shanklin at the delightful Ninham Farm Campsite. The postcode is PO36 9PJ. We’ll send you full details when you book, as we’re a little tucked away from the main camping action.

If you’d like to adventure in the woods, but have a different size group or something different in mind, please call 0333 800 1188 or contact us here. Matt is an experienced outdoor leader and we’d be delighted to create a bespoke adventure for you.

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