“Best. Flapjack. Ever” – Goodleaf Flapjack


Well, quite possibly…

There’s nothing we enjoy more than reading your reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook. We’ve had so many kind comments from our tree climbers over the years – they love our instructors, Paul’s jokes (yes really!), the tree, the park, even the actual tree climbing. But it seems that mostly they love the famous Goodleaf flapjack!

small3Here’s just a teeny sample of recent reviews talking about our tasty treat:

“Thoroughly enjoyed our adult climb. Highly recommended to anyone especially if they like flapjack.”

“I would certainly recommend the course to others interested in tree climbing. Oh, and the Flapjack! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yummy!”

“Highly recommended! P.S. Goodleaf Handmade Flapjacks are absolutely out of this world. :-)”

“And yes, the flapjack is every bit as tasty as everyone says. Absolutely yummy.”

Flapjacks were excellent, thanks to Mrs Paul.”

“Tired, happy children at the end, some great photos and all rounded off with a drink and the famous flapjack!”

small2(You gotta) Climb for Your Right (to flapjack!)

Goodleaf flapjack is so renowned in fact, that the Isle of Wight’s premier food reviewers Matt & Cat have given it their highly sought after stamp of approval:

“It’s one of the Island’s best-kept secrets, but we can reveal that the way to get your teeth into one of the best homemade cake treats you’ll ever encounter is to pay a visit to Goodleaf and join the climbers for the day. Sit in the shade of the Goodleaf tree in beautiful Appley Park and nibble on their signature flapjack, and you’ll see why it’s worth the effort. Intended to give energy to tree-climbers after a fab session up the ropes, it certainly does that – and the only way to earn it is to climb!”

small1Top Flapjack Tip

We’re afraid the recipe is a top trade secret so we can’t share that. However…we’re willing to part with one of the ways to get perfect chocolate chunks through out. Buy full bars of chocolate, chop it into chunks and…wait for the mixture to cool and then add them. Simple but hugely effective.

If you haven’t tried our flapjack yet, get yourself down to our tree, have a climb and earn a slice – we promise you’ll be back for more!