Goodleaf Tree Climbing

– good times in a tree.

Hi everyone,

We are planning to re-open on Monday 27 July. If you’ve been tree climbing with us before, things will be slightly different.
Online bookings will be available soon along with what’s our plans to make your tree climbing experience as enjoyable and as safe as possible. 

We can’t wait to climb trees with you. 

Paul, Abi and Matt

A recreational tree climb with Goodleaf Tree Climbing is uncomplicated, top quality fun.  Let our staff help you discover the natural world by taking you recreational tree climbing in a beautiful, mature oak tree just back from the beach.  Tree climbing is a thrilling adventure, highly rated by our climbers and quite different to a high ropes course.

The tree we climb is about 15 metres high and you’ll use rope and harness to climb it. 15 metres is quite tall, and that’s one of the reasons we ask that all our climbers are age 8 and over.

Finding Goodleaf

The main Goodleaf experience takes two hours and is located in Appley Park, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 1ND. The park is behind the golden sands of Appley Beach. It’s easy to get to us on public transport and we offer a 5% discount if you travel to us without a car. If you need to bring a car, there’s a pay a display car park nearby. Sometimes we branch out to different locations.

Our staff will be there all the time, supporting and helping you make the most of your tree climbing time. Once you’re climbing, you can:

– Hang out in one of our tree-top hammocks
– Sit on a branch listening to bird song and enjoying the view
– Climb as many different ropes as you possibly can!

Relaxing at Goodleaf

Back on the ground, relax on our picnic blanket. We provide drinks and what one climber called; ‘…the world’s best flapjack’ .
Recreational tree climbing is an unusual and fun activity. Let us show you a good time in a tree!

We are planning to reopen on Monday 27 July 2020. If you're on holiday before then, here's some other Isle of