Goodleaf Vertical Marathon

Gold medal for 2012 Goodleaf Vertical Marathon

What on earth is a Goodleaf Vertical Marathon?!

Well, actually we made it up…

…in 2012 we thought it would be fun to host our own Olympic event and give our climbers the chance to win Bronze, Silver or Gold or even the highly coveted Green Goodleaf medal. We thought we could maybe raise a little cash for a local charity by asking everyone to make a small donation to join in. It’s a simple way of giving back to our local community.

In 2016 we’re raising money for Ryde Inshore Rescue – the lifeboat station that’s in Appley Park and that serves all along the east coast of the Island. Ryde Inshore Rescue aren’t part of the RNLI and therefore rely on their own fundraising to survive. We’re delighted to support them in 2016, their 60th anniversary year.

What happens?

‘Medals’ (stickers) are awarded in relation to how far you’ve climbed. We add up the distance that each individual has climbed over our tree climbing season when we close and we hope that together we can climb the distance of the marathon! That’s 42.195 km or 26 miles & 385 yards fact fans.

Gold – at least 3 ascents of the tree (about 45 m)
Silver – 2 ascents of the tree (about 30m)
Bronze – 1 ascent of the tree (about 15 m)
Green – valiant effort in tree climbing or flapjack eating (usually about 7 m)

It’s not an exact science but it’s loads of fun and a great way to challenge yourself – so get your tree climbing gear on – it could be you on the podium/branch this year!

2015 Vertical Marathon results

picture of girl pointing to gold medal sticker

2015 Vertical Marathon Gold Winner

Congratulations tree climbers – you climbed an amazing 40, 613.5 metres – that’s nearly a marathon in itself! Add on Paul’s climbs and it comes to 44.783 kms, way past a marathon.

It’s not quite as many km as 2014, but we can blame the rain in August for that! It’s still an excellent result, so a big thank you from us.

We raised a whopping £623.39 which we donated to Friends of Appley along with a donation of £110 from our Big Tree Party in May 2015. So in total donated we’ve raised £733.39, which Friends of Appley will use to install something in the park for our four legged friends. More info on that coming soon.

As well as metres climbed and pounds collected, we gave out 429 Gold Medals, 293 Silver medals, 572 Bronze medals and 568 Green medals. Wow!

2014 Vertical Marathon results

picture of four people under a tree

Gold Goodleaf Vertical Marathon winners

Thanks so much to all our tree climbers in 2014 – we did it! For the first time since we started the Goodleaf Vertical Marathon in 2012 we climbed well over a marathon. We topped 45 kms of tree climbing over the season….45.045 km to be precise. We also raised £664.00 for our local Isle of Wight charity Gift to Nature, thanks to you, our generous and expert tree climbers. Well done and thank you so much. Amazing…

Gift to Nature have kindly decided to spend our donations on something for Appley Park our seaside location. Watch this space for more details.

In 2015 we are collecting for Friends of Appley, a local charitable group that support the park and beach areas.


2013 Vertical Marathon results

Another superb result; £683 raised but alas no marathon reached – we’re edging our way there on 38.25 km. In 2013 we raised money for the Isle of Wight Christmas Toy Appeal. They collect and purchase new presents for children and young people on the Isle of Wight who would otherwise be going without a present. It was very special to know that there was something special under the Christmas tree for those children.

2012 Vertical Marathon results

A massive thank you to everyone. We raised over £650 for Special Olympics Isle of Wight with the Goodleaf Vertical Marathon. This covered all the costs for one Isle of Wight athlete to attend the 2013 Summer Games in Bath. It’s definitely a gold medal result!

We didn’t quite climb a marathon, but we managed a grand total of 33.01 km over the whole of 2012. We awarded 1082 medals including over 400 Gold medals. It’s an excellent result and we’re amazed at the amount of climbing that goes on in our trees.

A special mention must go to Samuel who has climbed with us on a number of occasions – he climbed over 100m in one two hour session and will be awarded a Goodleaf Cup of Honour.