#AdventuresWithLeaves We’d absolutely love it if you could share your #AdventuresWithLeaves with us via our Facebook and Instagram.  Having an adventure with leaves is what Goodleaf is all about- getting up close to up to the approximately 700,000 leaves that you’ll find on an mature oak tree! Whether you’ve been tree climbing with us or

We are planning to reopen on Monday 27 July 2020. If you’re on holiday before then, here’s some other Isle of Wight things to do that we think you might enjoy…and that we know are open! If you can’t get hold of people straight away, please do keep trying. Everyone is doing their absolute best

It was the  first phone call of the Easter holidays, and it was the number one question we’re asked: “Can a seven year old climb with Goodleaf?” So we thought we’d talk a bit more about why we ask that tree climbers are age eight and over.   Over eleven years of tree climbing teaching We’ve

Hello tree climbers, No tree climbing at the moment for reasons we are all well aware of. We’ve been having a think about what we can do for a bit of fun until we can get climbing again. We’re not alone in this – we’ve seen so many posts over on the socials, it’s been

…and enjoy a different view of the Isle of Wight   At Goodleaf, we know that getting around the Island can seem tricky without a car. But it’s actually very simple – there are loads of walks and cycle paths covering pretty much the entire Island. We also have a pretty decent bus service and

The Barnsley Trail – a beautiful Isle of Wight walk you didn’t even know was there! We love a family Isle of Wight walk at Goodleaf  and like to share some of our favourites with you. We have loads of beautiful walks on the Isle of Wight, but some of them are definitely hidden gems.

After a few months off in which we made some spoons, planned and implemented a few Goodleaf things and had a bit of winter sun, we’re back! The Island is a great place to head If you want to start your outdoor adventures as early as possible in the year. Spring on the Isle of

The Big Feastival – tree climbing fun We’re super delighted to announce we’ll be back tree climbing at The Big Feastival – August 24th to 26th 2018.  We’ll be in the same lovely oak tree right in the heart of the festival and Paul, Archie and Paddy will be setting the tree climbing ropes for three days