Age restrictions

Why do we have an age restriction of over 8?

Update July 2020:

Due to Covid-19 we need to make some changes to our 2020 tree climbing sessions. Please help us out and only book children who are age 8 and over during 2020.  We know it’s difficult when you’re a family of mixed ages, but we simply won’t have as much flexibility this year.

We have found that when children are aged over 8 they generally get more from their Goodleaf experience. Our tree is lovely but it is large (about 70ft (21 metres) tall) and can seem daunting to small children. All our climbers need to learn the technique we teach which involves tying a knot. Younger children sometimes struggle with this.

We know all children are different. If your child is aged 6 or 7 and you think they will enjoy a tree climbing experience, we are happy to take them climbing, as long as an adult climbs alongside them. This is to give the child extra support and help them tie their knots as they go.

We just want to make sure everyone has a great time and that the person paying knows they have have spent their money well.

PS – our oldest climber so far was 81…can you beat this?!