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Tree Top Camping with a private guide

This is the ultimate chance for a secluded night away from the stresses and strains of modern day life. Tree top camping is an adventurous, memorable experience undertaken with a friendly, expert Goodleaf tree climbing guide. We’ve also got the creature comforts sorted – this is camping in a tree with everything taken care of!

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Tree Top Camping

It’s tricky to explain exactly what it’s like camping in the top of the tree – it’s an experience like no other.

We’ll provide everything you need. This includes a lesson in recreational tree climbing, a comfy hammock for the night and great local food and drink.

We know that being high in the canopy may seem daunting at first. You’ll have a private guide and tree climbing expert on hand at all times.

We’re veteran recreational tree climbers and we’ll do our very best to ensure an amazing night in the canopy.

The Location

Your tree top hammock for the night will be in a tree in a woodland copse in the grounds of Northcourt, Shorwell. Northcourt is an historic Jacobean manor house built in 1615 in the rural heart of the Isle of Wight.

We have our own private entrance to the woodland and there’s a real sense of adventure as you walk up the path, and over the stream to discover the tranquil space.

Once you’re in the tree top, you’ll find yourself surrounded by woods, fields and the dramatic West Wight coast in the distance. You’ll even catch glimpses of the sea in the spring.
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What happens?

On arrival you’ll meet your tree climbing guide and be welcomed to the woodland.
We’ll have already put the hammocks in the tree for you. You’ll enjoy a couple of hours learning recreational tree climbing – there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and take your time to really ‘learn the ropes’ and get comfortable the adventure you’re about to undertake.

As part of the initial ascent, we’ll send your mattress, sleeping bag and pillow up to the hammock so you can make your ‘bed’ ready for later.

A short stroll to the local pub The Crown Inn for supper follows tree climbing. On return to Northcourt there’s time for a warm drink by the camp fire.

Night Ascent

Then you’ll ascend into the tree canopy as the evening turns to night. There’s plenty of time to soak up the unique experience of being in the canopy at dusk.

In the canopy, your hammock awaits. As darkness falls, relax and listen to the sounds of the countryside around you – the dusk chorus, the hooting of owls and the scuffling of woodland creatures below. Watch as the moon rises and the stars come out.

An amazing adventure

Soak up the amazing experience as you wake with the dawn – we’re sleeping outside and it’s unlikely you’ll get a lie in! A breakfast of delicious local pastries and fresh coffee will be delivered to you in your hammock or descend to the ground to enjoy breakfast by the camp fire.
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Tree Top camping prices

£350 per person for a solo experience
£450 for two people camping together (separate hammocks)
£550 for three people (separate hammocks)

If there’s only one of you and you’ve got flexibility with dates, we’re very happy to make up a group of campers.

Ts and Cs
All tree top camping experiences must be booked in advanced and are subject to availability.
All tree top camping experiences are dependent on weather conditions.
Depending on the time of year, the tree top camp will last start between 3 pm and 6 pm. It will end between 8 am and 9 am the following morning.
Full ts and cs.

We take bookings in advance, please contact us via our website or give us a call on 0333 800 1188. At the moment we can’t offer on-line bookings for tree top camping.
We are currently limited to a maximum of ten tree top camps a year.

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