More about the tree top camp

sunlight through a beech tree, tree top campingWhat’s included in the overnight tree top camp?

  • Your tree top camping adventure will last around 15 hours in total from around 4 pm to between 8 am and 9 am the next day. This is dependent on the time of year that we camp. Tree top camping will be available May to September, but it is very weather dependent.
  • A friendly Goodleaf instructor on hand at all times. We will look after you, but allow you to enjoy the peace and solitude as well.
  • Your hammock for the night; we will provide you with either a Tree Boat or Lawson hammock to sleep in. These both have a fly cover to protect you from the wet if needed.
  • Good quality camping equipment: self inflating camping mattress, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner. We have pillows with cotton pillowcases available but we know pillows are a very personal thing – you’re welcome to bring your own pillow or sleeping bag. We provide head-torches too.
  • A recreational tree climbing experience in the afternoon when you arrive, this takes around two hours. Please note, you will need to learn how to climb trees and climb the tree to get into your hammock for the night!
  • The opportunity for more tree climbing. If you’d like to help set your hammock in the branches for the night, we’d be delighted. Alternatively you are welcome to relax and enjoy the natural environment as you wish.
  • Supper at the local pub. We’re lucky to have a lovely local close to the tree and we’ll take you for dinner in the evening. We suggest no more than one alcoholic drink. Please read our ts and cs here.
  • Overnight tree top camp supervised and supported at all times by Goodleaf.
  • A delicious breakfast of Isle of Wight produce (pastries and coffee). This can be delivered to you in your hammock or you are welcome to enjoy this on the ground if you prefer. We usually have a little campfire going to keep things cosy.
  • We are in the outdoors so please don’t expect gleaming white five star facilities. We have provision for male and female loos (you will need to descend from the tree to go to the loo). We have an undercover area for your belongings and personal things.
  • We are very secluded and the experience takes place on private land.

What do you need to bring?

  • A sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors.
  • Comfortable clothing for sleeping in – tracksuit bottoms and a couple of layers. You will need to keep your harness on all night, but you can remove your helmet whilst you are in your hammock.
  • A camera  – you wont want to miss photographing or filming your experience. We have a helmet with a Go Pro camera that you can hire.
  • A book or headphones if you like to listen to music at night.