Covid-19 safety at Goodleaf




  • If you have coronavirus symptoms, do not book tree climbing.
  • Pre-book online or by phone.
  • No cash payments accepted.
  • Check our website, Facebook and Instagram for updates.
  • Please limit the number of spectators if possible.
  • Gloves. We advise climbing without gloves. If you want to use gloves, please bring your own. We also have some you can buy when you book or at the tree.
  • If you have any questions about whether tree climbing is for you, please contact us to discuss. This year is different for everyone.
  • Please note, we are operating with less staff than usual, and it may take us slightly longer to get back to you.





  • Please talk to your children in advance and help them observe our guidelines.
  • If you arrive early for your climb, please stay outside of the bunting and maintain social distancing.





  • Maintain at least 2 m social distancing wherever possible.
  • Spectators must sit outside of the bunting once we start climbing.
  • Only 1 spectator allowed into the bunting area for the health and safety briefing.
  • Climber safety. On occasion Goodleaf staff will get closer than 2 m.
    This will be:
    1. When we clip climbers into their gear
    2. Possibly when climbers are putting on their gear
    3. When adjusting a harness when a climber first starts climbing
    4. Any other issue where the safety of a climber necessitates it





  • When hand sanitiser is required, you must use Goodleaf’s hand sanitiser.
  • Climbers must sanitise their hands when they first arrive and when they leave.
  • If you are a spectator signing a consent form for a minor, you must sanitise before and after signing.
  • Climbers to avoid touching their face whilst climbing
  • There are other times climbers will be required to hand sanitise during the climb. Goodleaf’s instructors will let climbers know when to do this.
  • We’re operating entirely outdoors. Face coverings aree not required.
  • We ask all our climbers and spectators to uphold the highest possible hygiene standards when they are with us.
  • We’re using natural UV light to break down any virus on our equipment.
  • We have increased the time between climbs.





  • Please be patient and understanding. Things will probably take a little longer.
  • Please bring your own seating if you want to. There will be no picnic blanket for climbers.
  • Bring your own drinks.
  • There will be flapjack, distributed in a socially distanced way!
  • You will be unable to use your phones/cameras within the bunting area. This includes when you’re climbing.

If you’d like to find out more, here is our Covid 19 risk assessment 2020.