special branch tree climbers

Special Branch

special branchSpecial Branch are our accessible tree climbing sessions for young people who live on the Isle of Wight and who have additional needs.
Special Branch is open to any Isle of Wight resident aged between 8 and 19 with a Gateway Plus card.
Siblings are welcome to have a climb too and if there’s room we also welcome parents and carers in the tree!

Special Branch Tree Climbing dates

Saturday 20th October, 11 am, 12 pm and 1 pm


Saturday 30th March 2019 11 am, 12 pm and 1 pm


Each climber will get about an hours tree climb during the this time and we organise the time slots once we know who is coming along and we’ve assessed their needs.
Cost – £15 pp for the climb.


All the Special Branch activities are heavily subsidised by the Isle of Wight Council.

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Special Branch is funded by the Isle of Wight Council under the Short Breaks programme