Move over Matt! Your Rope of Speed record created in Oct 2011 has been smashed by local farmer Christie. Christie made three attempts at beating the previous record. He beat the record on all three tries, but his 3rd attempt was the quickest, coming in at 2 min 57 sec and taking 25 secs off the previous time. Well done Christie!

Goodleafers enjoying the Autumn weather & colour

A contender! In breaking news, Steven Williams very nearly went to number one in the Goodleaf Table of Speed. He had a scorchingly hot time of three minutes and fifty seven seconds missing out on the number one spot by a mere two seconds! Check out the Table of Speed here. Steve’s not only a super speedy climber,

We recently ran a competition to find the best/worst/cheeseiest tree pun for our board in Appley Park. The puns were of the highest quality and our judge The Virtual Ranger toiled for hours trying to decide which to choose. In the end the winner of a tree climb for two people in Appley Park was

  Can you identify this character?        Last seen on an Oak tree at 40 feet… and rising!