Well, it was slightly damp this week; more like a real British summer! We packed in loads of tree climbing in spite of the rain – thanks so much to everyone for coming along. Hope to see you in the canopy again!

We’ve had another super week – loads of smiley faces in these pics! Thanks everyone for coming along and climbing our tree.

We’ve just had another lovely week in the canopy, thanks to everyone who came along and dodged the showers, it was wonderful to take you all climbing…

Summer hols start with a tree climb! We’ve had a wonderful week filled with climbers from all over the UK and the globe. Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did – here’s some snapshots from the tree:  

Birthday parties, international guests, bloggers, YouTubers, local friends; it’s been a busy week in our tree! Here’s a few snaps we took

We always knew that tree climbing was cool, but now we’re actually in Vogue. Along with Victoria Beckham and the new season’s collections!

Tree Climbing in Appley Park! The weather’s certainly been on side for tree climbing so far this month – it’s been a fabulous time to climb! Meet some of our climbers: