The Barnsley Trail – a beautiful Isle of Wight walk you didn’t even know was there! We love a family Isle of Wight walk at Goodleaf  and like to share some of our favourites with you. We have loads of beautiful walks on the Isle of Wight, but some of them are definitely hidden gems.

Join us in the canopy for one hour Ryde Carnival tree climbs in Appley Park to celebrate Ryde Carnival Week (29th Aug to 3rd September 2016). BOOK NOW Ryde Carnival – what’s that? For those not in the know, Ryde Carnival started in 1888 and has been held most years since then; it’s the oldest running

Well, quite possibly… There’s nothing we enjoy more than reading your reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook. We’ve had so many kind comments from our tree climbers over the years – they love our instructors, Paul’s jokes (yes really!), the tree, the park, even the actual tree climbing. But it seems that mostly they love the famous Goodleaf

  Well it’s hard to believe it’s four years since the London Olympics, but wow! here we are on the eve of Rio 2016. Back in 2012 we launched our own Olympian battle with our pledge to achieve a Goodleaf Vertical Marathon. What’s a vertical marathon I hear you ask? Well, it’s unique to Goodleaf Tree Climbing

People come to the Isle of Wight for many reasons – the sun, sea and sand among them. But they also come because of our quintessentially English seaside holiday experiences. There’s lots of different things to do on the Isle of Wight, as well as quirky places to stay and adventures to try. Here’s just a few

It’s National Insect Week this week. Far from being scary or annoying, insects do a vital and amazing job – yes even that fly buzzing around inside the bedroom when you’re trying to sleep.    We asked the Isle of Wight’s very own Virtual Ranger and Manager of Gift To Nature Matt Chatfield to tell us

Our fabulous sea side spot of Appley Beach and Park is host to the clash of the Pirate clans once again this year, with the 2016 Shipwreck Isle shivering its timbers on 18 and 19 June. We all love a bit of pirate-y fun at Goodleaf and are looking forward to hoisting the mainstays (well

So the half term’s nearly upon us! Here’s a few Isle of Wight treats (other than tree climbing) that are suitable for all the family. OPEN FARM SUNDAY – JUNE 5TH This is a great opportunity to find out what really happens down on the farm. Our Isle of Wight favourites are: LIVING LARDER We regularly get

Off beat places to stay on the Isle of Wight Our super Island has an equally super selection of accommodation – from campsites to family friendly hotels. Being a bit off the page ourselves, we love some of the more off beat places to stay on the Isle of Wight. You know; the places that you just happen upon

At Goodleaf Tree Climbing we have just one tree. And that’s how I like it. Yes we do occasionally branch out (ahem) to other locations but what’s really special for us is the relationship we have to our local environment, in particular, just one tree. Bonkers though this may sound, I feel really connected to