appley park orienteering page, red squirrel in an oak tree

Appley Park Orienteering

Appley Park Orienteering – it’s fun and it’s free!

Try a walk in the park with a difference – an Appley Park Orienteering walk.

When we moved to Appley, we thought it would be fun to put a short orienteering course in the park. We took advice from our friends at Wight Orienteers (very big thank you to them) and created a course that would take you all round the park. There’s markers all over the park, high and low and some on nesting boxes (we like to help our local birds too!).

We’ve made our very own map and you can download it for free: Goodleaf orienteering

You can go orienteering in groups, with your kids or just enjoy a bit of me time and have a solo wander. You could have a time trial or a race…there are endless orienteering opportunities!

Here’s a handy check list if you’d like to go Appley Park Orienteering:

  1. Grab a pen or pencil
  2. Download and print the map here: Goodleaf orienteering
  3. Head down to Appley Park
  4. Have fun and enjoy the park as you look for the markers.
  5. Give us a wave as you go by
  6. Treat yourself to a lolly on completion of the course!