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Accessible Tree Climbing

We’d love as many people to as possible to experience the magic of tree climbing.  Our tree climbing system is extremely adaptable and we have specialist equipment and training that allow us to provide an inclusive, accessible tree climbing experience.

We believe everyone can gain something from the opportunity of being aloft, even if it’s only a few feet off the ground and only for a short period.  We’ve climbed  with families where a member has additional needs, with individuals and also with small groups of people with disabilities including those with very limited mobility and muscle control. We welcome the opportunity to make tree climbing work for your specific needs.

We regularly run accessible tree climbing as part of our Short Breaks Woodland Days. These day are for young people on the Isle of Wight who have a Gateway Plus Card.

We’d love everyone to have the opportunity to experience life in the canopy but appreciate that you might have some questions. Please do get in touch if you need specific information about what we offer.

If you have a family member who would like to come tree climbing and they have a mild disability, please do give us as much information as possible when you book. It means that we can make sure we tailor the delivery of the session to suit their needs, thus making for the most enjoyable tree climb possible.

Read our access statement.