Goodleaf access statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.


Our tree climbing location is in a magnificent oak tree in the green heart of Appley Park, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 1ND.
Appley Park is situated on the edge of Ryde and adjacent to family friendly Appley Beach. The park is sloped with minimal paved paths. There are two paths running adjacent to each other next to the beach.

Goodleaf is an award winning family run recreational tree climbing business owned and operated by Paul and Abi McCathie. We’re absolutely not a high ropes course – all our tree climbing takes place in one magnificent oak tree.

In our two hour tree climbing experience you will learn a technique that enables you to access the canopy using a rope and harness. Refreshments are also provided.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 03338001188 or email [email protected].


  • Booking can be done online, via email or over the phone
  • Directions are given to our climbers once they have booked using email, text and telephone.
  • We have further directions, maps etc on our website
  • If you are travelling on public transport we are approximately a 25 minute walk away from the train (Ryde Esplanade stop), bus (Ryde bus station) and hovercraft (Hovertravel) terminals. The Wightlink Fast Cat ferry is an additional ten minute down a pier or one minute train ride down the pier.
  • Taxis are available at Ryde Esplanade.
  • Information is gathered about climbers on booking including any access issues that we need to be aware of.

Car Parking and Arrival

  • There is a large Isle of Wight Council Pay and Display car park with 122 bays with some accessible parking bays.
  • The cost is 1 Hour – £1.00, 2 Hours – £2.00, 4 Hours – £3.40, 6 Hours – £4.50, 8 Hours – £6.50
  • The car park has a smooth tarmac surface with six blue badge spaces
  • It’s approximately a 200 m mainly flat walk across the grassy park to our tree from the car park.
  • There is a paved path that can get you closer to the tree, but this is longer (approximately 500 m and includes a hill), If you take this path you will still need to cross the grass to get to the tree, but this is a shorter distance of approx 80 m.
  • We can also allow car access closer to the tree via a lane that is usually blocked off to the general public. This must be arranged with us us in advance by contacting 0333 800 1188, [email protected]

Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area

  • All activities take place in a tree in a park. We do not have any buildings. We meet you under the tree.
  • The area around the tree is a grassy park with an uneven surface and natural holes and indentations.
  • Directly under the tree canopy is an area laid with tree chip
  • There is no additional lighting
  • Seating can brought into the park or we have a picnic blanket on the ground for those climbing.


  • The experience is recreational tree climbing. Climbers wear helmets and harnesses.
  • The tree climbing system can be altered to suit different needs and abilities. This must be arranged in advance by contacting 0333 800 1188, [email protected]
  • We have some specialist equipment including a Kite harness for people who need extra support in a sitting position. Use of this must be arranged in advance by contacting 0333 800 1188, [email protected]
  • Part of the health and safety briefing requires reading out loud – these words are printed in a dyslexic friendly font on green or blue paper.
  • Tree climbing takes place in a public park and is subject to changes in the weather.
  • Dogs are often exercised in the park and they are not always on the lead.

Public Toilets

  • Public toilets are located on the sea front close to the car park.
  • They are a 5 minute downward walk across the park towards the beach.
  • They can also be accessed by tarmac paths that run around the park, including one that runs alongside the entrance to the toilets.
  • There is sloped access from the paths into the toilets.
  • There are 4 cubicles in the ladies including one accessible toilet
  • There are automatic hand washers

Additional Information

  • Very basic Makaton

Future Plans

  • Please do contact us with your comments about our access statement. We are delighted to receive your feedback.


Contact Information

Address (Inc postcode): The Goodleaf Tree Appley Park Ryde Isle of Wight PO33 1ND
Telephone: 03338001188
Email: [email protected]
Grid Reference: SZZ60775 92149
Hours Of Operation: 10 am to 5 pm – Monday to Sunday during the summer holidays
Local Public Transport: