Adventures with leaves


We’d absolutely love it if you could share your #AdventuresWithLeaves with us via our Facebook and Instagram. 

Having an adventure with leaves is what Goodleaf is all about- getting up close to up to the approximately 700,000 leaves that you’ll find on an mature oak tree! Whether you’ve been tree climbing with us or are simply out in a park or exploring your garden at home we want to see your pictures of your adventures with leaves. 

Leaves are amazing. They use energy from the sun to convert water and carbon dioxide into food for trees and plants. And as a by product of that work they make oxygen for us! Leaves vary so much in shape, size and colour, and we would love to see as many different ones as possible.

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We’ll share our favourites on our feeds and there may even be some random spot prizes from time to time!

We can’t wait to see your #AdventuresWithLeaves.