Things to do when you can’t climb a tree

green leaves from a beech tree

Hello tree climbers,

No tree climbing at the moment for reasons we are all well aware of. We’ve been having a think about what we can do for a bit of fun until we can get climbing again. We’re not alone in this – we’ve seen so many posts over on the socials, it’s been a bit over whelming.

So we’re starting this page as a random selection of things we like. Some of which we’re making ourselves, some of which we’ll share from other people. I don’t know how often we’ll update it, but we’ll try to share the bits that we liked and worked for our family.

When the situation started to get worse, we were on the island of Lombok in Indonesia, for a long planned family holiday with our relatives from New Zealand and Australia. One of the things we enjoyed doing while we waited to get home was #DrawWithRob – which I really recommend. In that spirit Paul got creative this weekend and created his first #ColourWithPaul ๐Ÿ™‚

Appley Tower colouring sheet

If you know the beach near where we climb, you’ll recognise this place. Colour it in, add yourselves on the beach or walking along with an ice cream, maybe you’ll be waving from the top of the tower. We’d love to see your colouring in, please share your pictures onย  our Facebook or tag us on Instagram.ย 

Download the Appley Tower Colouring Sheet