Can a seven year old climb with Goodleaf?

smiling boy climbing tree with rope and harness can a seven year old climb with Goodleaf?
It was the  first phone call of the Easter holidays, and it was the number one question we’re asked: “Can a seven year old climb with Goodleaf?” So we thought we’d talk a bit more about why we ask that tree climbers are age eight and over.

Over eleven years of tree climbing teaching

We’ve got over eleven years of recreational tree climbing teaching experience. We’ve taught children and adults of all ages and abilities. It’s always been our experience that children of 8 and over get more from the experience.
We’ve found that children age under eight years can struggle to pick up our tree climbing technique. We teach our climbers to tie an ‘acorn knot’ as they climb – younger children can find this tricky. Tree climbers need some coordination to climb up the rope – this can be an issue for younger climbers.
can a seven year old climb? Girls climbing a tree together

The best possible time

We want our climbers to have the best possible time with us. When things are tricky for climbers, that they’re not getting the best experience they could. We want climbers to have fun and feel like they’ve achieved something at Goodleaf. Although it means that we sometimes turn down business, for us it’s the right thing to ask that tree climbers are age over seven.
All this is, of course, a generalisation and we know all kids are different. We understand that kids younger than eight can be intelligent, bright, fit and active. We know that and we know that families want to climb together. We also know that adults can struggle with the coordination needed!

Can a seven year old climb with Goodleaf?

Can a seven year old climb with Goodleaf?! We’re happy to discuss younger children coming tree climbing with Goodleaf. If you’ve got a seven year old you feel would enjoy tree climbing, then do give us a call; we’re very happy to discuss. We will ask that an adult climbs alongside them, to help tie knots and offer extra support.
can a seven year old climb with Goodleaf? Older woman climbing a treeWe hope this has helped to explain our 8 and upwards age range, but please don’t forget that there is no upper age restriction!