Top five benefits of recreational tree climbing

Top five benefits of recreational tree climbing –

Of course, we love climbing trees at Goodleaf, and we’ve been lucky enough to share this passion with thousands of people over the last ten years. Here’s just some of the reasons why we think everyone should have a go at recreational tree climbing – just one climb and you’l be hooked!

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Wonderful fresh air everywhere!

















Tree climbing takes place in fresh air
We can’t get enough of the stuff! Tree climbing is a brilliant, enjoyable way to get off technology and into the great outdoors. Our tree is in a stunning green space and with parkland all around, the beach in front, a view of The Spinnaker Tower, the breeze and sunshine shaded by the glorious canopy… you just can’t beat it!

Tree climbing is good for the head…
Research by our chum Dr John Gathright, Tree Climbing Japan founder, shows that climbing trees (rather than man-made structures) is clinically proven to benefit climbers’ mental health. It seems that there is just something about tree climbing in the heart of mother nature that soothes and improves our mind, bodies and spirits.

… and good for the body

One of the things we love about recreational tree climbing is that it’s very much a personal challenge – you can make your tree climb a fitness experience or you can climb at a gentle speed. At Goodleaf we leave you to set the pace. We’ve met people who are happy to ‘saunter’ up the tree and lounge about in the tree canopy, enjoying the special freedom this brings. Others like to see how many times they can ascend and descend throughout their climb.


Exercise for body and mind















Try something fun and different!
We believe Goodleaf Tree Climbing is unique and that’s part of what makes it so much fun. Everyone goes to the beach when they come to the Island – why not use the opportunity to try something truly different. Lots of people we have climbed with have been surprised by how much they love it (we’re not though!).

picture of flask, cups and flapjack

Mmmm tea and flapjack!

It’s a perfect excuse to eat cake
Two hours of climbing a tree gives you the best excuse ever to sit down, take a break and enjoy some well deserved calories. Our Goodleaf flapjack is one way to replenish the energy you’ve spent (without feeling the tiniest bit guilty!). There are also a couple of excellent cafes within walking distance from our tree for something more substantial.

A fun activity that gets everyone off the tablet, expends energy, is completely unique and involves cake? It doesn’t get better than that!