Goodleaf Vertical Marathon update


Well it’s hard to believe it’s four years since the London Olympics, but wow! here we are on the eve of Rio 2016. Back in 2012 we launched our own Olympian battle with our pledge to achieve a Goodleaf Vertical Marathon.

What’s a vertical marathon I hear you ask?

picture of girl pointing to gold medal sticker

2015 Vertical Marathon Gold Winner

Well, it’s unique to Goodleaf Tree Climbing and it’s pretty much as it sounds – together we aim to climb at least the distance of a marathon every season by adding up all the climbs you (and we) do.
As part of our commitment to the local community we love we pick a different Isle of Wight charity to support each year.

Participants make a donation (we suggest 50p) when they climb, receive a coveted Goodleaf medal marking the distance they’ve climbed and at the end of the year we add it all up and see if we’ve made it to the magic 26 miles (42.19km). School groups are all entered automatically.


Goodleaf Vertical Marathon History

Picture of tree climbing Brownies and Special Olympics team members

Launching the 2012 Vertical Marathon with local Brownies and the Isle of Wight Special Olympics team.

Our 2012 Vertical Marathon raised £650 for the IOW Special Olympics – enough for one Island athlete to attend the 2013 Summer Games in Bath. We didn’t quite make the distance though, with a grand total of 33.01km climbed.
The next year saw us creep up to 38.25km and an excellent £683 going to the IOW Christmas Toy Appeal.
It was in 2014 that we first beat the marathon target, topping 45km and raising £664 for local charity Gift to Nature.






Last year was a similar triumph with a distance of 40.63km, just short of a marathon. With our Paul’s climbs on top it’s way over at 44.78km, all of which raised £623 for Friends of Appley. 2015 also saw us award 429 Gold medals (45m), 293 Silvers (30m), 572 Bronze (15m) and 568 Green (7m) – awesome!

Thanks to the generosity of our tree climbers together we’ve raised over £2,500 for local charities in the past 4 years. It’s amazing.

All of which brings us to…


Our 2016 – charity Ryde Inshore Rescue

Ryde Inshore Rescue at work

Ryde Inshore Rescue at work

Ryde Inshore Rescue is the lifeboat station in Appley Park. It’s their 60th anniversary this year and they do a fab job; they’ve already had 13 call outs this year.
They’re not part of the RNLI, but an independent station run by volunteers – they need as much support as they can get.

So, drum roll please… we’re delighted that as of July 2016 (with loads and loads of climbing still to come this summer) we’re already past the half way mark with a distance of 22.47km climbed and more than £250 raised already. Hooray!

Help us smash our previous records for 2016 and see how far you can climb with Goodleaf this year.